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The International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference team extends its heartfelt appreciation to our outstanding exhibitors. THANK YOU!

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How do we effectively reach, inspire and guide Americans and other populations of the Western world to make the shift from a toxic Western Diet to the whole food, plant-based dietary lifestyle that’s optimal for both human health, healthcare system sustainability and global resource preservation?

Physicians and healthcare professionals hold the key—they are often the gatekeepers of patient and client dietary recommendations. Individuals may read books and watch films that espouse the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle; but, until physicians and other wellness practitioners across the nation understand and embrace the benefits and, in turn, promote patient adoption, this dietary shift on a broad scale will be elusive.

Join with us in reaching this important audience and, in turn, grow market share for your product or service by becoming a corporate exhibitor.

Why Exhibit?

  • To network and connect with like-minded individuals
  • To expand your customer base
  • To showcase your products and services
  • To increase your brand awareness


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Thanks to our 2023 Exhibitors