Conference Presentations 2015

Dear Conference Attendee,

Thank you for attending the 3rd annual, International Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference. We hope you enjoyed the conference.

We were pleased to bring you the premier educational conference showcasing one of the most powerful concepts in disease prevention: a plant-based, whole foods diet. Conference sessions focused on the review of current and progressive scientific research, conveyed the impressive evidence of the disease prevention and reversal capabilities of a plant-based diet—an efficacious and virtually risk-free protocol.

Please see below the presentations from the 2015 Conference. We offer these files as an important and helpful resource and hope you find them educational. These presentations ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE PRESENTER so please do not duplicate any slides. If you wish to use the slides in any way, you must ask permission of the presenter or risk being in violation of intellectual property laws. If you should reference any of the content of the presentations, please make sure you credit the respective presenter.

Finally, there are a few presentations that are not available. If you are interested in those presentations, please contact the specific presenter for access to his/her presentation. Thank you for your cooperation.

Once again thank you for your attendance and we hope we fulfilled all of your expectations. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at 844-344-2123 or .

Best in health!