Frequently Asked Questions

  • VIRTUAL Conference Registration Includes:

    - Attendee access to the 2020 International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference virtual conference platform.
    - Attendee access to ALL “virtual live” course sessions with chat feature and Q&A sessions.
    - Attendee access to Video-On-Demand recordings of ALL conference sessions (a $400 retail value) for 1 year post conference.
    - Attendee access to all conference materials such as conference program book, presentation slides and other materials.
    - Earn up to 21 CE credits (pending). – BONUS: If an attendee misses any of the “virtual live” sessions, they will have the ability to access a CE approved recording of each session in order to properly claim CE credit (access granted until 12/31/2020).

  • Although our target audience is the healthcare community and the content of the conference is geared towards Medical Doctors and other healthcare practitioners, there is no REQUIREMENT that attendees be employed in the healthcare field.

    Past conferences have had a contingent of non-healthcare practitioners and they always seem to enjoy the conference. Please feel free to join us.

  • At this time there are no individual day passes for the 2020 VIRTUAL PBNHC.

  • Yes, all attendees will receive CE credits (if otherwise eligible)! We have applied for CE credits through the Rush University Continuing Education Office and are awaiting approval. Details can be viewed at

  • Yes, attendees will need internet access to attend the 2020 VIRTUAL PBNHC. Accessing the VIRTUAL conference platform will be just like accessing any other website and there will be no need to install additional software or plugins.

  • Attendees should be able to access the 2020 VIRTUAL PBNHC on any device that allows them to access any website or web-based portal. This includes desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets and other internet capable devices.

  • Approximately 30 days prior to the start of the VIRTUAL conference, attendees will receive an email from our VIRTUAL conference platform with an assigned Username and Password. In order for attendees to access their account, they will need to log in to the platform’s attendee portal. We recommend attendees do this as soon as they receive that email. Once inside the portal, attendees should familiarize themselves with the portal and locate the area where the VIRTUAL conference sessions will be presented. We assure this is an easy and intuitive process and anyone with basic internet/website skills will be able to easily navigate the platform. We do recommend that attendees access the portal IN ADVANCE OF THE START of the sessions. This will insure their account is active, they know where to access the sessions and any unforeseen problems can be worked out in advance so that they don’t miss any of the live sessions.

  • We are still finalizing the details of the conference platform and will be making an announcement in early June with those details.

  • Yes! All virtual live presenters will be available at the end of their scheduled session to answer questions. If attendees choose to watch the presentations after they air live (on demand), they will not have the ability to ask questions.

    Also, during the final session of the conference, the Panel Discussion, there will be ample time for additional questions.

  • Once an attendee registers, it is their choice when and how to attend the VIRTUAL conference. All attendees have been given the flexibility to participate in the manner that best fits their schedule.

    With that said, the best way for attendees to participate is to follow the official virtual live schedule ( If they attend the sessions at the scheduled times, they will automatically be enrolled for (if otherwise eligible) ALL offered CE credits.

    If attendees are unable to attend any of the virtual live sessions or if they choose to watch ALL of the sessions on demand, that is OK too. However, in order to claim CE credits for those on demand sessions, they will need to “pass” a five-question multiple choice assessment at the end of each session. Then after they pass the assessment for each session, they must submit for their CME credits. Attendee access to these CE accredited sessions will be available until December 31, 2020.

  • The video on-demand of each session will be available within 24 hours (if not sooner) after the end of the scheduled VIRTUAL live session.

  • Yes. After the VIRTUAL conference, all attendees will receive access to all VIRTUAL conference sessions via two online portals. One portal will give them access to recordings that ARE NOT CE eligible and one portal will give them access to recordings that ARE CE eligible

    First, exactly as we have done in the past, attendees will receive free access to the recorded sessions by logging into our Vimeo Video-on-Demand page. These sessions are free for one-year post conference. Details on how to access those sessions will be emailed to attendees after the conference. See for more details. REMINDER: These videos are for informational purposes only and are NOT eligible for CE credits.

    Next, all attendees will also get access to CE accredited recordings of the sessions. If an attendee is unable to attend a session when they are live but still want to claim CE credit for a missed session, they will have the ability to do so through the VIRTUAL conference platform. All CE guidelines must still be met, and attendees will need to “pass” a five-question, multiple choice assessment of each session. Attendee access to these CE accredited sessions will be available until December 31, 2020.

  • Yes. PDF’s of the conference presentations will be available through the virtual conference platform. Keep in mind that due to various copyright issues, some presentations may not be available.

    However, all full conference attendees will be given access to the videos of this year’s entire conference per the details above.

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