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11 May 23

International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference Returns

The Plantrician Project and the Int’l Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference have been featured in Desert Health Magazine, the Coachella Valley’s Leading Resource for Health and Wellness.

28 June 22

Brenda Davis, RD to be Honored as 2022 Recipient of The Plantrician Project Luminary Award

Brenda Davis, RD has been chosen as the recipient of the 2022 Plantrician Project Luminary Award, in recognition of her unwavering pursuit of truth, persuasive communication, pioneering dietary concepts and inspiring message of compassion in the advancement of whole food plant-based nutrition as the foundation for disease prevention, suspension, and reversal.

14 September 21

On-going Pandemic Fuels Increased Interest and Publication of Scientific Research Supporting Disease Reversal and Prevention

As the global pandemic continues, the world’s first and only scientific journal focused on disease prevention and reversal has experienced a growing reader base and increases in both the breadth and quality of scientific submission. This growth is seen as a positive indicator that the use of whole food, plant- based nutrition to prevent and reverse disease is gaining critical momentum.

30 July 21

“Eat the Change” Impact Program Announces Second Year of Grant Recipients

The Plantrician Project is grateful to once again receive recognition by the “Eat the Change” Impact Program.

6 January 21

Plant-based Nutrition for Gut Health to be the Focus of the First Plantrician Education Series One-day Intensive Medical Education Seminars

Dietary Intervention for Gut Health, the first session in the new Plantrician Education Series, is a one-day, virtual live seminar presenting the evidence supporting the use of whole food plant-based nutrition in the treatment & prevention of gastrointestinal disease.

2 September 20

Popular digital magazine dedicated to helping people learn the disease reversing science of whole food plant-based nutrition, moves to a Pay What You Can sales model Share Article

Effective immediately, all four issues of Plantrician Project’s Disease Reversal & Prevention Digest, including Issue 4, which was published today, may now be directly downloaded from, on a Pay What You Can basis.

28 May 20

Is Our Food System Destroying Our Health?

Farmers, doctors, and scientists agree fixing our broken food and healthcare systems, and growing regenerative organic agriculture, key to improving human health in new white paper.

3 October 19

A response from The Plantrician Project to the Annals of Internal Medicine Reviews on Dietary Meat Guidelines

The Annals of Internal Medicine systematic review and meta-analysis of red and processed meat titled “Unprocessed red meat and processed meat consumption: dietary guideline recommendations” draws inaccurate conclusions from a flawed design to advocate for the continued consumption of red and processed meat. The conclusions stand in stark opposition to numerous trials and observational studies linking red and processed meat consumption with the increased risk for heart disease, stroke, some cancers, type 2 diabetes, and all-cause mortality.

4 September 19

The Plantrician Project Welcomes WeTheTrillions as the Platinum Level Exhibitor at the 2019 Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference

The Plantrician Project is pleased to introduce WeTheTrillions as the platinum level exhibitor at the 7th Annual Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference, where close to 1000 medical professionals from 25 countries will gather in Oakland in just a few weeks to learn the latest in the use of evidence-based research pertaining to the use of whole food, plant-based nutrition in clinical practice.

27 August 19

Not All Plant-Based Foods Are Created Equal, Warns The Plantrician Project

With the fantastic success of plant-based meat and cheese alternatives dominating the headlines, The Plantrician Project cautions that not all plant-based foods are created equal in their ability to suspend and reverse disease. For the health of our population and that of future generations, physicians, clinicians, healthcare and political leaders, must move beyond the headlines and take immediate action to educate themselves of the difference.

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