Vision & Mission

Sharing Knowledge of Preventive, Nutritional Medicine

Our Vision

A nation in which physicians and allied healthcare professionals have received compelling education about the foundational pillar of prevention: a whole food, plant-based dietary protocol. A sustainable, financially sound healthcare system wherein nutritional medicine and its proven ability to prevent, suspend and even reverse virtually all chronic disease, as well as many autoimmune diseases, is fully integrated throughout the healthcare practice spectrum.

For physicians and healthcare practitioners to enthusiastically embrace the health-protecting potency of a whole food plant-based diet; in turn, effectively promoting patient and client adoption. The result: Transformation of medical practices, resulting in transformed and dramatically enhanced health and well-being of the patients and clients served.

Our Mission

The mission is to produce medical education opportunities, with scientific substantiation as the core principle, for the specific purpose of showcasing outstanding leaders in nutritional medicine and disease prevention and reversal.

The goal is to educate, equip and empower the gatekeepers of dietary-related advice—our nation’s physicians and healthcare practitioners—about the power of plant-based nutrition, providing compelling resources they, in turn, use to inform and inspire their patients and clients to adopt the optimal whole food, plant-based dietary lifestyle.

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