Why Now?

Because We Must: The Hippocratic Oath Compels Us to Act

We’re aware of the alarming adult and childhood disease trends afflicting our nation and other parts of the world, coupled with the exponential rise in healthcare costs—a threat to the foundational stability of ours and other nations.

According to the CDC, 70% or more of our nation's healthcare costs are tied to the treatment of conditions that are preventable—all too often a result of dietary lifestyle. The Standard American Diet, which we've exported abroad, is wreaking havoc on human health and healthcare costs. Mounting evidence compiled over decades of research shows that a shift from the toxic Western diet to a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet can prevent, as well as suspend and even reverse, a larger percentage of both chronic and autoimmune diseases.

Knowledgeable physicians and allied healthcare professionals—the gatekeepers of dietary recommendations—are the key catalysts in the transformation of our healthcare system. The International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference continues as a significant force in providing a replicable, scalable educational platform for physicians and healthcare practitioners.